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Slope Protection

ES Net (wire rope + rock bolt combination method)

ES Net
NETIS Registration Number KK-120057-A

ES Net method stabilizes unstable slope surface using the combination of rock bolts and wire ropes.
By tightening wire ropes, it is possible to hold back the loosened slope ground so that small scale surface sliding will be prevented.


  • Cost saving method

    The components used are relatively small and simple, and thus cost effective.

  • Friendly to the landscape and environment

    For natural slope faces, it is possible to install the net without removing trees.It also helps recover green slopes.

  • Excellent workability

    It’s easy to install and the rock bolts can be installed by using a small drilling machine.

  • Corrosion resistant components

  • The loosening of the slope surface will be suppressed by the tightened net.

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