Soundproofing Products

Silence Keeper

Sound absorbing rails for road noise barriers that provide excellent performance and workability. Compared to current noise barriers, Silence Keeper rails can reduce noise more effectively, and we think they have the potential to contribute significantly to bettering roadside environments.


Excellent noise performance

To check the sound absorbing performance of Silence Keeper rails, we conducted field tests compliant with the measurement methods employed by the Ministry of Construction’s Technology Assessment System. As a result, we were able to reduce noise levels by an average of 3.3 dB without raising the height of the noise barrier.This value is equivalent to the adding an additional noise barrier approximately 2 to 3 m high on top of an existing noise barrier.

Simple construction

The number of components has been minimized and the same standardized, integral construction currently used by many noise barriers has been adopted.
・Requires little in the way of on-site assembly, ensuring shorter construction time.
・Limited number of components enables safe and secure attachment.
・Can be installed on existing supports without the need to modify or reinforce supports, allowing the reduction of construction costs.

Simple installation

Can be easily installed by replacing the top row of an existing standardized noise barrier.
・Reduce the amount of time required for traffic control during installation.
・Can be installed from the road side to ensure high level of safety.

Complies with minimum clearance requirements.

Silence Keeper rails only project a minimal 50 mm toward the roadway, allowing installation in sites with strict installation criteria such as minimum clearance requirements.