Slope Protection

Rock Hold 100 (energy absorption type rock fall prevention fence)

Rock Hold 100 is a rock fall prevention fence that is capable of handling rock fall energy 50kJ to 200 kJ. This reduces construction time and provides excellent cost performance.
Previous Netis Registration Number:KK-110017-A


An alternative version of High Joule Net for rock fall energy 50kJ to 200 kJ.

Model name
Effective fence hight(m)
Absorbed energy(kJ)
Standard support interbal(m)
RCH-50 2.5、3.0、3.5、4.0 50 6.0
RCH-100 100
RCH-200 3.0、3.5、4.0 200
Rock Hold 100 is capable of trapping rock falls of 50kJ to 200 kJ.

Shorter construction time and excellent cost performance

Unlike standard rock fall fences, there is no need to build extensive foundations, allowing for shorter installation time and cost reduction

Environmentally friendly work method

Installing Rock Hold 100 requires only small amount of tree cutting and protects the natural landscape and environment with no change to the landform.

Excellent workability

The components are relatively lightweight, so it can offer easier installation even on steep slopes.

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