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Libeaura (Aluminum alloy protective fence)≪Bridge railing≫

Combining light weight with high functionality, the Libeaura range of aluminum alloy protective fence takes its name from a portmanteau of “light”, “beautiful”, and “railing”.Their lightweight design helps reduce costs.
The Libeaura range’s slim supports leverage the versatility of cast aluminum alloy to enable more aesthetically pleasing designs.
Previous NETIS Registration Number:KK-100062-A


Excellent aesthetic appeal

Sophisticated design blends in with a variety of bridges and surrounding environments.Curved beams installed consecutively along the side of the road create a nice impression.

Lighter and more beautiful

By using cast supports and elliptical rails that utilize the lightness and easy workability of aluminum, we have successfully reduced the weight of materials and simplified the design.

Excellent visibility

Flanges have thin center sections and extend up and down, to blend in with a variety of bridge shapes.This improves the visibility of the surrounding area and the stability of top beams and feet.