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kk Reef ≪Artificial Reef≫

Kobelco Engineered Construction Materials products has 30 years proven experience as a pioneer of steel artificial reef. Made from a combination of steel and concrete, kk reefs incorporate shells to improve growth.


Combination of concrete cylinders and steel

・High density high-rise reefs for improved growth
・Helps species such as goldeye rockfish to settle and grow, and protects them

Enables effective use of shells

・Increase production volume of live bait using shells from scallops, oysters, and other shellfish
・A single reef makes effective use of from 10 to 20 metric tons of shells

Available from 5 to 25 m high

・Select reef height according to fish species, water depth, and fishing method
・Adapts to a wide range of depths from shallow to deep areas

High capacity design with large footprint

・Provides large habitat for fish, increasing operational space for fishing boats
・Large footprint improves stability of reef