Slope Protection

High Joule Net for Debris Flow

In order to prevent disasters caused by debris flow, many of which have occurred in recent years, we developed a High Joule Net for debris flow by adapting the High Joule Net system originally created to capture falling rocks.
Construction Technology Review and Certification:Construction mechanization technology 0801
Previous Netis Registration Number:QS-080010-V


The fallen earth and sand are captured by the strong and flexible cable net.
Wire mesh keeps the amount of escaping earth and sand to a minimum.
The fence height and the support interval are designed depending on debris flow conditions.
3 types (200 kN/㎡, 150 kN/㎡, and 100 kN/㎡) depending on the impact of the debris flow are available.
There is no need to build an extensive foundation on the slope face.
The length of the anchors is calculated based on experiment data conforming to ground conditions.

Energy absorption system

While the entire fence system works to absorb energy, the main components that absorb energy from debris flow are the cable net and wire mesh, and the brake elements that are attached to retention cables and the supports at either end of the net.

Energy absorption system

Energy absorption system