Soundproofing Products

Eco Kyuon (Aluminum Soundproof Panel)

World’s first, history changing sound absorbing panel.
Provides a solution to noise problems wherever they occur: highways, railways, factories, indoors, etc.
*This product is manufactured using Kobe Steel, Ltd. microporous sound absorption technology.
Previous NETIS Registration Number
For highway use: KK-080023-V
Low-rise sound barrier: KK-100011-A


Superior sound absorption

By means of its unique microporous aluminum foil, Eco Kyuon (Aluminum Soundproof Panel) provides superior sound absorption effects for a wider frequency range compared to conventional products.

Effective against various sources of noise

The most effective structure for the targeted noise can be designed by adjusting the number and thickness of aluminum foil sheets, as well as the size of fine pores in the foil and air gaps between foil layers.

Unprecedented thin and small sound absorption panel

Thinner structure can be achieved thanks to a variety of components available for any application.

Environmentally friendly

Highly recyclable aluminum material eliminates industrial waste and greatly reduces impact on the environment.CO2 emissions can also be reduced during manufacturing.

Safe and secure

As aluminum is incombustible, there is no danger of secondary effects such as fire gases.

Lower cost

A price level of the conventional products is achieved by resolving the critical problem of aluminum sound absorbing products: COST.

Durable and weatherable

Because it is made from highly corrosive-resistant aluminum, it suffers minimum degradation even when exposed to the elements, providing superior durability and weatherability.



for highway use

featuring hidden supports

Double-sided panels

Low-rise sound barriers

for factory use

for raid road use