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Anti-slip steel plate

Anti-slip steel plates consist of steel sheets with raised flanged holes spaced at regular intervals. They provide excellent friction, and make it difficult to slip from all directions. They provide a high degree of safety in both flat and inclined applications. Applications:

Civil engineering – Water conduits, tunnel passageways, dam catwalks, drain covers for sidewalk use, floors in sea berths, etc.

Building – Ventilated floors in vaults, floors in piping control rooms, passageways in factory facilities, control platforms in oil refinery towers, oil pipeline passageways, ventilated floors in chemical facilities, stairways steps for oil tanks, etc.

Shipbuilding and rail – Workspace floors around on-board machinery, passageways in water intake facilities, floors on inspection walkways, anti-slip floors in delivery vehicles, stairways steps for oil tank cars, etc.


Excellent durability

The protruding flanged holes are resilient against sliding wear and retain friction for a long time.

Functional shape

Perforated steel plates provide adequate airflow and are suited to indoor floors and shelves where ventilation is required.Double-sided types in particular provide good drainage in wet weather.
Improved operating efficiency Anti-slip plates allow safe movement in locations where quick action is required.