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Rock Hold 100 (energy absorption type rock fall prevention fence)

Rock Hold (100kJ)
NETIS Registration Number KK-110017-A

Rock Hold 100 is a rock fall prevention fence that is capable of handling rock fall energy up to 100 kJ.
This reduces construction time and provides excellent cost performance.


  • An alternative version of High Joule Net for rock fall energy up to 100 kJ.

    Rock Hold 100 is capable of trapping rock falls of up to 100 kJ.

  • Shorter construction time and excellent cost performance

    Unlike standard rock fall fences, there is no need to build extensive foundations, allowing for shorter installation time and cost reduction.

  • Environmentally friendly work method

    Installing Rock Hold 100 requires only small amount of tree cutting and protects the natural landscape and environment with no change to the landform.

  • Excellent workability

    The components are relatively lightweight, so it can offer easier installation even on steep slopes.

4 fence heights available

Advantages of Rock Hold 100

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Installation site

Installation site

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