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Other Products

Other Products

Guard Fence

TMS Protective Fence

TMS Protective Fencing
TMS Protective Fencing

Developed with a focus on transparency and appearance, TMS Protective Fence is employed in various locations including roadsides, between roads and sidewalks, and along median strips.

NETIS Registration Number TH-010015-V
  • Aesthetic appeal
    Provides superior aesthetic appeal compared to both regular and tubular guard rails.
    From roadway:
    Upper edge of top beam provides improved visibility and does not leave drivers feeling “hemmed in”.
    From sidewalk:
    The use of numerous round bolts and components improves appearance and provides pedestrians with peace of mind.
  • Workability
    Innovative installation features allow railings to be assembled with only hex keys and wrenches.
    Standard model can be used on roads of any longitudinal slope.
    Easy maintenance after installation. Designed to allow easy replacement of parts during maintenance or upgrades.



Product Examples
Example Amagrate products

A drain cover made from a steel grating.

Product Lineup

  • Raised-height drain cover
  • U-type drain cover
  • Water collector grid cover
  • Gutter/transverse drain cover
  • Fixed transverse drain cover
  • Low-noise drain cover (grating fastener type)
  • Long-span drain cover (IB open)

Amagre Eco Soft

Amagre Eco Soft
Reference Examples
Past project featuring Amagre Eco Soft
Past project featuring Amagre Eco Soft

Unlike most gratings, the Amagre Eco Soft is notable for providing excellent aesthetic appeal and is difficult to slip on when damp or wet, which makes it easy to walk on on wet days.

  • “Barrier free” design for peace of mind
    With conventional gratings there is always the risk of getting a high heel stuck in the openings, however the surfaces of Amagre Eco Soft gratings are filled with rubber chips that prevent high heels and other objects from getting stuck. This makes it possible for wheelchair users and visually impaired pedestrians using mobility canes to pass by with peace of mind.
  • Same permeability as conventional products Designed so as to not allow water to collect on the surface. Permeability tests have shown that the gratings have sufficient permeability.
  • Environmentally friendly product made from recycled materials
    The filling material uses rubber chips made from ground up waste tires to which fine aggregate is added, thus helping to dispose of waste tires, which are currently an environmental problem.

Anti-slip steel plate

Anti-slip steel plates
Reference Examples
Past project featuring anti-slip steel plates
Past project featuring anti-slip steel plates

Anti-slip steel plates consist of steel sheets with raised flanged holes spaced at regular intervals. They provide excellent friction, and make it difficult to slip from all directions. They provide a high degree of safety in both flat and inclined applications. Applications:
Civil engineering – Water conduits, tunnel passageways, dam catwalks, drain covers for sidewalk use, floors in sea berths, etc.
Building – Ventilated floors in vaults, floors in piping control rooms, passageways in factory facilities, control platforms in oil refinery towers, oil pipeline passageways, ventilated floors in chemical facilities, stairways steps for oil tanks, etc.
Shipbuilding and rail – Workspace floors around on-board machinery, passageways in water intake facilities, floors on inspection walkways, anti-slip floors in delivery vehicles, stairways steps for oil tank cars, etc.

  • Excellent durability
    The protruding flanged holes are resilient against sliding wear and retain friction for a long time.
  • Improved operating efficiency Anti-slip plates allow safe movement in locations where quick action is required.
  • Functional shape
    Perforated steel plates provide adequate airflow and are suited to indoor floors and shelves where ventilation is required.Double-sided types in particular provide good drainage in wet weather.

Bridge railing

Libeaura (Aluminum alloy protective fence)

Libeaura (Aluminum alloy protective fencing)
Reference Examples
Past project featuring Libeaura (Aluminum alloy protective fencing)
Past project featuring Libeaura (Aluminum alloy protective fencing)

Combining light weight with high functionality, the Libeaura range of aluminum alloy protective fence takes its name from a portmanteau of “light”, “beautiful”, and “railing”.Their lightweight design helps reduce costs.
The Libeaura range’s slim supports leverage the versatility of cast aluminum alloy to enable more aesthetically pleasing designs.

NETIS Registration Number KK-100062-A
  • Excellent aesthetic appeal
    Sophisticated design blends in with a variety of bridges and surrounding environments.Curved beams installed consecutively along the side of the road create a nice impression.
  • Lighter and more beautiful
    By using cast supports and elliptical rails that utilize the lightness and easy workability of aluminum, we have successfully reduced the weight of materials and simplified the design.
  • Excellent visibility
    Flanges have thin center sections and extend up and down, to blend in with a variety of bridge shapes.This improves the visibility of the surrounding area and the stability of top beams and feet.

Prockal (protective steel railing)

Prockal (protective steel railings)
Reference Examples
Past projects featuring Prockal (protective steel railings)
Past projects featuring Prockal (protective steel railings)

Prockal is a protective steel railing designed to be light and strong as well as look beautiful.
Featuring a simple design that puts the focus on scenic beauty and colors that blend into surrounding areas, Prockal provides improved functionality over conventional models at an affordable price.

NETIS Registration Number KK-100066-A
  • Lighter and more beautiful
    Slimmer supports result in a simplified design and lighter materials, helping to reduce costs. (*Compared to conventional Kobelco Engineered Construction Materials products products)
  • Improved visibility
    The shape of the rear of the supports has been simplified, and now provides better visibility than previous models.

Artificial Reef

kk Reef

kk Reef
Reference Examples
Past projects featuring kk reefs
Past projects featuring kk reefs

Kobelco Engineered Construction Materials products has 30 years proven experience as a pioneer of steel artificial reef. Made from a combination of steel and concrete, kk reefs incorporate shells to improve growth.

  • Combination of concrete cylinders and steel
    • High density high-rise reefs for improved growth
    • Helps species such as goldeye rockfish to settle and grow, and protects them

  • Enables effective use of shells
    • Increase production volume of live bait using shells from scallops, oysters, and other shellfish
    • A single reef makes effective use of from 10 to 20 metric tons of shells

  • Available from 5 to 25 m high
    • Select reef height according to fish species, water depth, and fishing method
    • Adapts to a wide range of depths from shallow to deep areas

  • High capacity design with large footprint
    • Provides large habitat for fish, increasing operational space for fishing boats
    • Large footprint improves stability of reef

SKS Reef

SKS Reef
Reference Examples
Past projects featuring SKS Reef
Past projects featuring SKS Reef

Made from a steel frame and porous concrete that induces rapid seaweed growth.

  • Structure made from porous concrete and steel frame
    • Porous concrete on top forms a seaweed bed
    • Bed is raised off the sea floor, reducing the number of seaweed spores lost due to sand action.
    • Interior of steel frame forms protective space for fish

  • Hemispherical porous structure
    • Countless irregularities create a large surface area that facilitates attachment
    • Minute gaps help seaweed spores and other creatures settle
    • Permeable design reduces clogging and accumulation of floating mud

  • Includes minerals that provide nutrition for seaweed
    • Supplies calcium made from fossil shells
    • Supplies iron from steel fibers added to bed

Tie Rod

Semi high-tension tie rods (for harbors and civil engineering)

Semi high-tension tie rods (for harbors and civil engineering)

With our wide range of semi high-tension tie rods we can meet your needs in terms of quality and delivery time. We also supply common steel tie rods made with SS-grade steel.

  • Reasonable construction costs and times
    The high strength (tensile strength and yield point) that our tie rods provide has allowed us to reduce their thickness, helping to curtail construction costs and reduce construction times.
  • No variation in quality of joints
    Threaded sections and ring joints are upset forged, so they have no seams, and no variation in localized composition and strength.
  • Uniform quality throughout length
    After forging and forming, tie rods are normalized in a continuous-feed heat treatment furnace to ensure high, uniform quality throughout the length of the product.